About Cross.Promo

What is Cross.Promo ?

Cross.Promo is the first cross promotions platform of its kind.

It makes it easy for business owners to find partners with real users and manage cross promotion campaigns. Until now, businesses had to find partners on their own, and had no guarantees that their promotional email will not be sent to fake emails.

Cross.Promo changes everything because it implements several verification systems. That will guarantee that the partners you choose will only cross promote to real people, that are interested in your products and they are willing to pay for similar services. Your message will reach a quality audience and the growth potential is beyond your expectations.

How does it work ?

Cross promotion is simple. You promote an online business that you choose as a partner, and they will promote you.

Cross.Promo will help you find partners based on your preferences. Once a match is established, you create an email for your partner’s services, and they’ll create one for your services. Our tool will send the email about your partner to your users, and your business will be promoted to his users.

Everyone wins!